faster construction time

LGS construction saves around 35% construction time from your typical project. By using our dry foundation system, we can save up to 50%* on construction time.

* Depending on site condition and technology adoption

lower labour cost

The nature of IBS construction means that most of the tedious work is done in the factory under a highly controlled environment. What's left is to deliver and install, resulting in a higher quality finish in a shorter time.

light weight

BrisFrame IBS is 80% lighter than conventional brick and mortar structure. This allows us to transport to remote areas easily and build with significantly lighter foundation, leaving a lighter footprint on the environment and lower cost of transportation for rural projects.

cost effective

With a combination of a faster construction time, lower labour cost and lighter construction material, this synergy translates to greater cost savings with a quality of finish that is set to disrupt the market.

Our Services

Design and Supply of Light Gauge Steel (LGS) Frame

We collaborate to design and supply LGS frames according to BS Standards and Euro Code to ensure quality design for a sustainable construction to last long into the future. We assist architects and engineers to achieve their vision in LGS Frame structure.

Industrialised Building System (IBS) Solution Provider

BriSteel is certified by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) as an IBS System manufacturer based in Sabah, Malaysia. We provide support for projects that requires to achieve a minimum IBS standard set by government bodies.

Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) Supplier and Installer

We have installed more than 7,000 Metric Tonnes of PEB structures in Sabah and Labuan. Our clients include players in the Oil and Gas sector such as Petronas and Asian Supply Base. 

About Us

BriSteel has had over 20 years of experience in the field of construction and building materials manufacturing. Starting with the manufacturing of Light Gauge Steel (LGS) roof trusses, we have since developed on our knowledge on roll forming, Building Information Management (BIM) design and construction.

Today, BriSteel is a leader in Light Gauge Steel Frame construction in East Malaysia and have manufactured and constructed over 500 houses, quarters and schools, home and abroad.

Here at BriSteel, we believe that light steel construction is the future of a fast, affordable and reliable practice of construction.

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What is BrisFrame IBS ?

BrisFrame IBS is offered as a complete IBS system. This means we provide the entire solution for your building design whether it is a hybrid design with conventional wet work structure or a full steel structure.

Ours is a system designed in Building Information Management (BIM) software. This is a powerful tool for designing structures in 3D, identifying issues before it happens in real life allowing integration of building utilities and building product and engineering solutions before a single steel section is cut.

Our designs are fully engineered and our IBS walls are design to be load bearing allowing our walls to double up as building partition and to take vertical loads.

BriSteel is a CIDB certified manufacturer of IBS components. The product name, BrisFrame IBS.

Advantages of BrisFrame IBS

  • 80% Lighter than Conventional Construction
  • Lower Cost of Building Foundation
  • 30-50% Faster Construction Time
  • Lower Labour Cost
  • Uniform Quality of Build
  • Lower Transport Cost for Rural Projects