Sekolah Daif Project 2017

BrisFrame IBS

Completed in 5 months this project required BriSteel to supply IBS system for 6 schools and a further 9 schools of supply and build; a total of 15 schools completed in a period of 5 months built concurrently. BriSteel managed a total of 15* out of 30 schools released by JKR in 2017. These schools were located throughout the Malaysian state of Sabah located in diverse and challenging locations from islands on the east coast, rocky mountain interiors of Kota Belud to the deep rural kampung (village) of Long Pasia.

This projects success has much to do with the nature of the system; light and flat packed therefore capable of being transported virtually anywhere by land or sea. Equally important was the experience of BriSteel’s designers and supervisors¬† in the execution of the project.

The projects were completed in a timely manner and handed back to the state works department.

*BriSteel managed as subcontractor and IBS supplier only