Sekolah Daif 2018

BrisFrame IBS

In 2018, BriSteel Design and supplied seven schools in Sabah, Malaysia. Of these school, six of them were installed by BriSteel in the East coast of Sabah. Three schools on islands of the East coast and three schools on the east coast of Sabah. 

This project is a great testament to LGS system of construction as we can transport our building materials for island projects easily. Traditionally, construction projects on small islands with no jetty or harbour is a difficult undertaking. Building materials like bricks, concrete and sand is too heavy to transport by labour. This often needs heavy machinery to lift building materials onto site which can adds complexity and cost to an island project. 

BrisFrame IBS building materials are typically 80% lighter than conventional construction and can be flat packed for delivery. At BriSteel, we often consider the project location and conditions before designing our structure to incorporate ease of installation to our design. Often times when heavy machinery is difficult to send to site, our project is designed to be mobile and our materials packed light enough to hand carry to the project location when necessary.

BriSteel supply, designed and installed this project as a subcontractor.